Solmates Socks For Kids! 3 Socks, A PAIR WITH A SPARE! Available in 3 Sizes


Solmate socks are a popular offering at Sage Jewelry. Solmates are an American company with it's origins in Vermont Their slogan is "life's to short for matching socks!" All pairs are mismatched . These socks make your feet and your spirit happy. KIDS SOCKS HAVE 3 SOCKS, A PAIR WITH A SPARE!! Mix and match for lots of fun options.

Socks come inĀ 3 sizes: Small: 2-5 Years, Medium: 6-8 Years Large:9-11 Years

MANY more colors and patterns available in our store.

All socks are 62% Cotton, 22% polyester, 15% Nylon and 1% lycra