Jewelry Care


Pearls are an organic material, produced by mollusks with the help of humans. Different shapes and sizes are produced depending on the mother of pearl piece inserted into the mollusk. The temperature of water, minerals present and time left in the water produce different colors, textures and luster. Today many of the bright colors are produced by dying the pearls. Bleaching is also used on the white pearls for even color. Cultured pearls are available in both salt and freshwater varieties. 

 CARE: Because of their organic nature, pearls are vulnerable to chemicals. It is best to be careful with perfumes, lotions etc. near pearls. It is recommended to wipe pearls after wearing with a soft chemical free cloth. It is recommended to have strands of pearls restrung when they are showing fraying , stretched out or of course broken. This is the best time to have them cleaned as well. 

Sterling Silver

CARE: Our best recommendation for care at home is a polishing cloth. These are available for sale on our site or in our store. If your piece needs more then the cloth can help, We are happy to polish your piece on our buffing machine. We DO NOT recommend using toothpaste and chemical dips should be used with caution depending on the gemstones in the jewelry.